Baby Hat for Reina

My good friend Reta has delivered a baby months ago. As so called a good friend, I surely have to present a gift to her baby girl. Once I tried to make baby hat crochet following the tutorial on youtube here. At that time I didn’t realize that each yarn has different diameter or size. I literally followed the instructions without noticing that my stock yarn given by my friend, Baning has smaller diameter. I didn’t even know what the yarn is. Turned out it was a Soft Acrylic.

When the hat was finished, I was confused because it is very very very small. When I tried to put it on Baby Reina’s head, it (as expected) not fit well. So I promised Reta that I will make a new one. I ordered a cotton yarn in Aneka Benang shop (link here). But the yarn didn’t fit my preference. It has small diameter and I wasn’t comfortable crocheting it. So I ordered other cotton yarns from Poyeng Shop (link here).

I tried my new hook with rubber grip. But boy! My hand was sooo hurt. I am a slow learner. I tend to make mistakes A LOT. In my uncountable trials, I still make mistakes in making circle base. Look it’s hexagonal!


I disassembled it and changed my hook to my usual hook (Tulip Gold) No. 6. And theeen, I disassembled it again *laugh*. After spending one night without no results, on the next morning I started from the basic again. I thought I was on the right track. Buuuut, I guess I wasn’t. The head circle part was just wrong. I am very bad with the counting *sobs*. However I just kept going on.

Actually, Reta asked me to make a baby bonnet but I was just too lazy to count the stitches or to search the measurement. Perhaps the are tutorials somewhere out there but because I have different yarn. I was torn to make 1920’s Cloche hat (pattern here) or simple baby hat with ear flaps. I chose the first one, buut I then again made mistake *laugh hard*. After a back loop stitches, I didn’t add the number of stitches, so the hat doesn’t look “wide”.  To make it looks pretty, I made a big 3D roses, tutorial by Yolanda Soto Lopez (youtube link here). I showed it to my mom and said “look, big flower! as you like!” and she was smiling widely 🙂

Anyhow, this is my baby hat for Reina. Another mistake is that it is TOO BIG for a baby aged hers. But it’s okay, her mother said okay and Baby Reina can use it for a long time 🙂





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