1920’s Cloche Hat…-ish.

I have been obsessed with 1920’s cloche hat. After the “failure” last time with Baby Reina hat, I attempted to make a new one, lucky me my friend M put an order ^^

I knew what I need to fix at first is the circle base which I was so clumsy at. I checked again the circle base pattern on youtube, and thanks to HappyBerry Crochet, I FINALLY understand the circle base idea (you may check the video tutorial here). And… tadaaa….


I use local cotton yarn which has smaller diameter than “international” yarn. So I should make more rows for the circle. I more or less followed 1920’s cloche hat pattern here, but I made some adjustments, so very much I can say that I made this hat with my own pattern (YAY!). I will update this post later on with my pattern, especially for you my Indonesian fellows who use local yarns like me.

After the hat was finished, I need to put the 3D rose, of course. I was still inspired by Yolanda Soto Lopez tutorial (youtube link here), but I again made some adjustments because from previous experiment, it didn’t really fit for me. So, yes, it was my own pattern again! *grin*.

I am not sure if this can be called 1920’s Cloche Hat, but here we go….


To be honest, although it looks cute and pretty, I am still not confident enough if it could fit the 5 y.0. size. I have tried to follow the size from here and here but I just feel that it still doesn’t work out. I am going to update this post when the hat is arrived to the owner. For now let’s cross our fingers!


My friend M already received the hat. As predicted it is still big (but still looks nice) for her daughter. I think the idea for hat is to lessen 1 inch of the head circumference from the chart on the internet.

I’ll see you at the next post!




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