First Hat Project

I started crocheting about 3 months ago and I am a slow learner. When I saw the video on youtube or looked at the pattern, I thought I can do it. But when I tried to make the stitches, I made lots of mistakes. So, indeed the most effective way to learn is by practicing.

As a self-taught learner, I mostly looked at the pattern or tutorial from they who live in the western part of the world. But the huge difference between me and them is about the yarn. Some people say that the best yarn for a newbie is the big ply yarn but it’s hard for me to get it because (I think) most big ply yarn is categorized as imported yarn and it is pretty much expensive (And I don’t want expensive yarn for my trial and error items).

So anyway after recommendation and searchings, I decided to use acrylic yarn from local store to make my first hat project for my friend’s son aged err 1 or 2 I forgot :D. Before this, I actually tried to make some but if not too big, it was too small, or too short, or  just sick of it and left it ^^; At that time I made this about 2 months ago, I was obsessed with ribbed items. I don’t really remember from which  youtube channel I follow the instruction, but anyway this is it…


I used dc for the circle base, and dc back phase and front phase for the ribbed body.

Failure no. 1: I of course made the wrong countings. You can’t see it but the slip stitch part is not really neat.

Failure no. 2: Failed pompom *laugh* Gotta need to practice more.


Reason why I want to make the ribbed item is because I like the chunky. And I think the rib makes the hat looks chunky.  I really want to try to make other items with this acrylic yarn. I actually LOVE the yarn but the colour from this local store tend to be shabby while I wish for brighter one. Better try other online stores for this kind of yarn.


My friend already received the hat. She said it is still big for her son but it is okay. She sent me his son’s picture, and better to believe me, it looks cute 😀





4 thoughts on “First Hat Project

  1. You are right that practice is going to help you get better at crochet. And checking out other blogs for the correct way to do things. My Step-Mom taught me to crochet when I was about 12. It was very hectic for me, until I picked up the crochet hook a different way than she held it and I was off and running. I didn’t get to learn too many different stitches. I made a lot of ripple afghans. But recently I have been crocheting again and learning lots of new things. The project that taught me the most was the Spice of Life afghan. It was a free tutorial put out on facebook. I’m sure if you look it up you will be able to find it. Sandra Paul created the afghan and has wonderful directions and tutorials. I learned a lot making that afghan. I wish you much success in your crocheting 🙂


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