Last Weekend’s Pretties

Three posts and what I was talking about just hats *laugh*

I barely have time to crochet. I keep myself busy reading because I re-started to borrow books from library and I want to return them in time. The library located in Ministry of Education complex where we can register for free. The collections are not that many, they are just okay. But it still makes me feel happy and happy. Plus they also have DVD collections, so last time besides books, I borrowed Man of Steel DVD. Henry Cavill is so hot indeed (although I prefer him on Man from U.N.C.L.E. Wait, I like Illya Kuryakin better)

2015 Man from U.N.C.L.E

Ok, enough pretty humans, back to pretty stuffs!

Crocheting indeed helps me a lot to find the present for friends. Especially when your friends are busy making babies (LOL). I finished one hat for Daigo-kun, a one y.o lovely boy of my ex workmate. Just a simple hat (AGAIN) with soft acrylic yarn. And of course with pom-pom! I think I made it better than previous one! I am doing a simple ribbed scarf for my friend now. Will post it soon once finished.


On last weekend I also got busy to make my room pretty. My room was just a mess like a wrecked-ship. After 2 nights sleeping with scattered books because I just got a new shelf and asked someone to paint all the shelves, I finished the cleaning now finally I can sleep in comfort (ok, not that comfort. I still want a new mattress. And yes I am sleeping on mattress. I don’t have any bed).

Here it is half of my only few books…


Better go now and I’ll see you at the next post!




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