Baby Shoes Trial

One day (or night?) when I was very bored, I felt the urge to crochet baby shoes. I am not a mother, I just wanted to make the shoes :D. So after googling and youtubing and googling and youtubing, I did try to follow the tutorial by WoolyWondersCrochet.


This is a cuffed baby booties with soft acrylic yarn (same as the previous hats’ yarn). It is indeed very easy, you can see the tutorial here.

One pair was finished but I still wanted to crochet more. So, following this tutorial, I made one more pair of shoes. I used Japanese cotton yarn (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) which I love so much. I got this yarn for free about 4 years ago, had kept it until recently been learning to crochet.


I am not sure about the size, I think this is a new-born size. I made this about 2 months ago and definitely would love to give another try.





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