Long Awaited Infinity Scarf

I got a request on February to make an infinity scarf for my friend W. From my first experience, I needed about 1 week to make an almost 2 meters scarf. But because I had a little thing to do, I said to W that it would take about one month.

Which in actual more than that. I frogged more than 6 times! Too wide, too thin, too small, wrong direction, bad pattern, any excuses had I made for this one. W even said ‘it’s okay, you can give me this next year’ =)))

But I finally did it. I doubled the yarn to make it chunky (Boy where had I been??!!). And thanks to B.Hooked Crochet for this article so I now know how to end a row more properly.


I followed simple ribbed scarf tutorial on youtube. You can find a lot there, basically they are just the same. I seamed the scarf that I thought it was fine but in the end it was still messy, DOH! Some stitches also turned out not very well but anyway, I did it.

Infinity ribbed scarf, using soft acrylic by Poyeng.


Right after finishing this, I started my new project with Polyester yarn. But unlike other polyester yarns that I ever used, this Polyando feels like cotton. It has small diameters,  I use Rose Tulip hook no. 2 (about 2mm). My thumb felt numb just after 2 rows and my wrists were a little bit not okay. So I decided to stop and have rest for few days. Surely will update when I made progress.

See you at the next post!




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