Bali Yarn Finally

I usually go yarn shopping after payday. And yesterday was a payday so I clicked clicked clicked the yarn picture and made them ship to me. I’ve been wanting Bali cotton yarn since few months ago. I saw it in famous offline store “Sunflower” in North Jakarta area but didn’t buy any, and the colors are not my fave. My friend K recommended me Gomerajut Online shop for this yarn. This shop has the offline store in Bandung, West Java. It’s only about 3 hours from Jakarta but seems impossible for me to go. Gomerajut has excellent service. I ordered and paid on Monday and it already arrived today at lunchtime! Here they are…


Previously, I used big ply cotton for making hat. But this time I’d like to give a try with Bali Yarn, there are the red and the black for friends’ hat request. The pink is  cotton, and the lime green (is it lime green or what?) is the big ply cotton. I only bought 1 ball each just because I was curious with the quality. Still don’t know what to make tho.

The blue one is polyester with “Poly Fruity” brand. I tried Poly Cherry and Poly Apple to make bags but don’t know anything about Poly Fruity. I think the diameter still bigger than Poly Cherry but it’s quite soft and more pliable than Poly Apple. I’ll talk about these 3 polyester yarns someday (I hope!)

This is it my shopping report. I’ll see you at the next post!





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