Just a Button Hat

This is a made by order. My friend E asked me to make a hat for her. Just a hat. No detail. But I have to say that here in Jakarta, hat is not popular, people mostly do the caps. So wearing hat-with-no-detail seems so tedious. At least you need to add something to make it look cuter. E refused for flowers or ribbons. Lucky when I was googling about granny square, I stumbled over this tutorial.


Button! Chic and simple.

I intended to use Bali yarn that I just bought. But the diameter doesn’t fit my preference. So I used cotton yarn from Poyeng again. I am very confident with this size. I measured my hat and did fitting simultaneously. I know I had problem with the hat size because the chart across the internet just doesn’t seem right for me (I think Indonesian has smaller head circumference) But now I got the idea.

So here is my count for this hat:

  • Measure head circumference: about 22 inch
  • Divided by 3.14 = 7 inch. It means I had to make the crown diameter 7 inch.
  • Buuut… I stopped at 6.4 inch because if I did another row, it would make it bigger and I did not want it.

That was it! My back somehow got hurt I don’t know why, I even didn’t go to office yesterday so I could finish this. Now I can do the hat very fast I can’t wait to do another project soon (preview is on the pic).

See ya!






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