[OOT] 3 Days Quote Challenge – Day 1

I know this post is not related to crafts but kind Mbak Yanti tagged me for this and how can I say no? I am not into this tagging things in fact I just made few friends from this blog. So, thanks Mbak Yanti :*

Here is the rules:

  1. say thanks to nominator
  2. post 1 or 3 quotes for 3 consecutive days
  3. invite 3 other blogger friends

Today’s quotes are from Dr. Who. YES I AM A WHOVIAN although  I just started to watch from The Ninth Doctor. They are shooting the 11th season I so much can’t wait The Twelfth Doctor and new companion, Bill. Here is the preview:

Awww.. isn’t she lovely??

Doctor Who maybe a sci-fi series but what I love from it is the lessons of trust, friendship, and humanity. Hard to choose only three but here we go:


I almost burst into tears watching this episode. The Van Gogh episode is just heart breaking.


Although the quote sounds great but this episode is also heart breaking one.


*sobs under the shower*

Pardon me if I can’t tag anyone. Please if you’d like to join this challenge, feel free to write something and let me know your quotes 🙂

At last, let me put my drawing. I made this long time ago. Daleks! Done with office stationeries and Snowman marker:D





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