SC Problem

Since the first time I learned how to stitch, I knew that I won’t like single crochet (sc). Why? Because sc means you need a longer time to work. Rigid, small, boring, slow, you name it! You feel like you have spent hours but you actually just finished 4 rows!


I always love to see items with sc because they look very neat.  I did dc for hats and scarfs and tried hdc for bag.  I have a lack of patience so this time I need to conquer sc! I actually did one pouch (with mandala!) with poly apple yarn (boy how many times I’ve said that I dislike this yarn?!) but haven’t put the zipper and liner.  Now I am making a small pouch for myself with poly fruity. I am still anxious with the length of time I’ve spent and will spend for this, it is just a small item but I need ages to finish it. But finger crossed it will be finished by this week.


See ya!





7 thoughts on “SC Problem

  1. That is such a lovely blue color, Opat 🙂 Excited to see the finished product. My problem with bags and pouches is the zipper and lining – I’m just too lazy! XD So I try to crochet bags that do not need either! XD

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    1. Makasih Paardje. I have to ask someone help for the liner because my sewing machine is still not working. Manual sewing for the zipper is fine but the liner surely needs the machine 😀

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