Unproductive Weeks

Weeks with no post here. I have been very unproductive regarding the crafty things. Crafters might say that creating stuffs help them. Sorry, not works for me. I really didn’t want to touch yarn or hook or even scissors. I just didn’t want it, nope! no, thank you! It sounds frustrating but I think it is fine, I just need time.

Anyhow, there are 4 WIPs of me now which more likely to be finished by the end of the century.


  1. Forever unfinished pouches. The crocheting part is done but I am too lazy to buy zippers and ask someone to sew the liner. My sewing machine is still not working and it’s easy to find sewing service here but yeah, going out of house sometimes like pain in the backhind.
  2. Small table cloth which I found very torturing because I use fingering yarn. It took me about one hour to finish one square! *laugh histerically* I need to pull A VERY BIG COURAGE to continue this.
  3. This just the base of cotton totebag project. I stopped because I was very sleepy that night then get too lazy to continue.
  4. Another too-lazy-to-continue WIP. It’s just a small hat for my friend’s son. But I made a little mistake and suddenly got very annoyed. So I left it.

What happened with me? Nothing much. I just had unhappy days. I grumbled and ranted a lot. I was sad and angry in most time. But it is fine. I am fine 🙂 Big things are cleared up and I am so much better now! Because there are many things out there that can make me (us) happy. And more about happiness will be on the next post!

See you!





4 thoughts on “Unproductive Weeks

  1. Yes! I so appreciate this Opat! It’s like what we were talking about on my forgiving blog just now on grief. It’s all ok, isn’t it? We are ok as we are, and one of my intentions is to love it all. Blessings to you, your blog makes me smile.

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