Flower Series Part 1


I failed my mission not to posts any in social medias. In fact I post A LOT hihihi.

I am still very unproductive in the terms of crocheting by today. I tried to grab some yarns, but not until 5 mins I came back to youtube. Well, it’s okay, there are still another days.

I mostly spend my days by surfing (internet, not the ocean), pretend to working, a little bit reading, youtubing, and thinking what food should I eat for sahuur and breakfasting. But this unproductivity drives me crazy. I need to do something!

So I take my pen and pencil colors and make my hands do something like this:

I decided not to make rough sketches. I just want to let my self fingers free and not afraid of mistakes. My plan is to make more pics then print them out in postcard paper quality.

Let me know what you think about it and will be happy to know about your plans! ^^

I’ll see you in the next happy posts!




8 thoughts on “Flower Series Part 1

  1. and i failed my quest to do weekly update.
    spend my days in freelancer site so i have something to do something productive during working hour, but lately i try to learn new language


      1. pengennya sih jepang atau korea tapi ternyata di situsnya masih belum ada materinya, jadi iseng lari ke french :p

        bahasa hatimu mah ga perlu dipelajari karena kita kan sudah saling memahami tanpa kata *tsaah*


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