WIP – Daisy Granny Squares

Hello! Eid Mubarak!

I am always amazed by Faye of littledovecrochet (You can see her instagram here). She is really a granny squares blanket machine because she makes granny squares and blankets in a flash. I even suspected she lives in a time warp.

I wanted to make a blanket to my friend whose the due is on October, time is quite enough as I am a slow crocheter. I googled and pinterested and found out that Faye’s lovely daisy granny squares’ pattern is by Tillie Tulip. Her cute works can be found here and here).

I use my cotton Bali yarn bought from Crochet Republic to make the blanket. But after discussion with Ibu Iin, the yarn is too thick to be blanket. But still, I really want to make something with granny squares. So I am still going with the squares to make…

Well, I am going to tell you later.

For now, let me just show you the pics of the squares.

I’ve made 16 granny squares so far. Slow, I know. I hope it can be finished within this month. Err, next month is also fine because currently I am busy watching a Korean drama and of course hunting Pokemon!


I’ll see you later!




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