Simple Granny Square Blanket – First Attempt

First attempt simple granny square blanket.

My friend’s due date is on September (or October?) and I want to make her a baby blanket. I use local soft acrylic yarn, each ball has 40 grams. I wasn’t sure how many balls I would spend, so I bought from offline yarn shop named Micky Mocko in Blok M Plaza, South Jakarta. It took about 8 balls and the blanket size is about 32″ x 32″. It is such a miracle that I finished this only in 6 days! I practically did crocheting anytime anywhere, but mostly in my room while watching Korean drama.


Anyway, here are the pictures…

I am so much eager to crochet and make more! But let’s see =))

See you when I see you!



wool on sundaysThis post is also an entry of Wool on Sundays by Rainbow HareΒ 


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