Pouches Finally!

This is a long awaited pouches that finally done! Before showing off the pics, here is the story of polyester black and blue pouches.

The black pouch was started about 20 weeks ago (ROFL). I wanted to try Poly Apple yarn so I bought it from Aneka Benang. Poly Apple has wonderful colors that worth to try but suddenly when the yarns were arrived, I was disappointed because it is not too pliable. I planned to put mandala on it, but the white mandala turned ugly and dirty after months (LOL) so I frogged and decided to make a small rose detail (which I forgot where the tutorial is from)

pouch 1
initial plan

The blue pouch was started on this year of May, as I posted here, I tried to use Poly Fruity bought in Gome Rajut and quite like it. I planned to put rose detail but saw this flower pattern here and gave a try.

Both the flower details of the pouches are using Poly Cherry, my favorite polyester so far. The yarns are the first yarns I got for practice from my friend Baning.

One of the main reason these pouches were almost forever undone is because I was too lazy to buy the zipper although already had cotton fabric for the liner. I also was too lazy to find someone to help sewing as my sewing machine is still broken. But finally I met this person, my savior! He is a neighbor who works at home providing little sewing services (by this I mean not making clothes but kind of seaming or trimming, what is it called in English?)

Anyway, now time to show off. here we go!

Black pouch size = 26 cm x 16 cm, oval base.

Blue pouch size = 22 cm x 13 cm, rectangle base.

All using single crochet.


I’ll see you at the next post!



wool on sundaysThis is a not a wool made but this is an entry of Wool on Sundays by Rainbow Hare


8 thoughts on “Pouches Finally!

  1. The pouches are great, and so attractive. Were you saying your neighbor does mending for people? Or finishing work, maybe? Alterations to change sizes?


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