July Yarn Spree

I always take care of my shopping list. But once or twice I do over budget for things I like. July is for the yarn.

After finishing the pouches, I decided to make it commercial. So I bought 10 balls of polyester yarns to make pouches and bags. This is only my opinion but here in Indonesia, yarn sellers are mostly easy to find on facebook. I knew this heart warming seller from my friend. So far I think she has the cheapest poly cherry yarn. I opened limited PO and now doing 2 pouches orders.

I am in between Bali cotton yarn and cashmilon for my future big blanket project. Although both not too pricey, I don’t want to buy too many yarns in a month. I am already a book hoarder and I don’t want to start myself as a yarn hoarder. Although…



A friend who were traveling in Germany suddenly told me that she was in yarn shop. At first she offered me yarns for free but you know you can’t just buy one skein of yarn and ask for many skeins isn’t appropriate either. She showed me the pictures and I can’t help myself to buy. At first I wanted to buy only 6 skeins but I was a bit worried what if it’s not enough for my planned project? I can’t go to Germany easily neither force my friend to go there. So anyway, 10 it is.

Now look at my new beautiful babies how could I resist them?

Poly Cherry gang
Rainbow acrylic gang


I’ll see you when I see you 🙂




15 thoughts on “July Yarn Spree

    1. The Bali is cotton. And the Germany is acrylic (it’s like a wool but it’s not :D). There is also local acrylic yarn like I used for the blanket but I still can’t find our local acrylic yarns which has this lovely beautiful colors.


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