Pouch Trio


September it is, how time flies soooo fast. I am fine and I hope you are. After writing about Big project No. 1 my crocheting mood is actually got down ROFL.  I am too tired to grab a hook after work. No no no I am not busy at work, I am doing other things instead. I am busy occupying my mind and looking for distraction. Various things happen to me lately. Sometimes it is quite disturbing but I am good, I am working on every thing I think I should do.

On July, I opened simple pouch order using poly apple yarn. The crocheting didn’t take a long time but boy it’s hard to find the time even just to buy zipper and sew the liner (again, not me). But finally the pouch trio is done. Thank you to my dearest friends 🙂


Ok, here are the pics.


Lining Detail. Cotton only

Thanks for stopping by!



Woow woow bonus pic! This is Mangrove Forest located in North Jakarta.



12 thoughts on “Pouch Trio

      1. Lah dia beneran minta. Nggak susah sih, cuma aku punya love hate relationship sama ukuran kepala lol. Japri email apa mana lah kalo emang beneran pengen hahaha


    1. Hi Mbak. Duh blog primernya kebawa ke sini ya, hahaha. Padahal blog pribadinya ada yang lain (malah promo).
      Aku masih pemula, Mbak. 1 Pouch bisa 3-4 hari itupun kalo nggak males hihihi


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