Cushion Cover #1

Have you ever felt that you want to accomplish or achieve something without care how good or bad it is? I feel that most of my time. And it’s related to hobbies or something that I like (means not about working ROFL). So, there are two persons in Instagram : crochetbyani and Tatitutz, I just knew them recently. They are Indonesian talented crocheters whom very much inspiring. And in this case I’m talking about cushion cover!

Oh look how adorable they are. ME ENVY! ME JEALOUS ๐Ÿ˜€

The best part of them (the crocheters and the crafts) is they use local yarn which very affordable and easy to get for me. I had wanted to buy local cotton yarn but held it sooo bad because I knew I wouldn’t crochet any time soon (blame the mood fufufu) but luckily I just got surprised yarns from my friend so I guess the time is coming! I also found that I have other two balls of local cotton yarn in my stash.

I planned to do simple granny square pattern and I am very confident about it. But, I was worried about the lining. Searching like crazy, I choseย this lining tutorial here. Since I will use my own cushion and I don’t wanna use zipper, I use two pieces of fabric for the back side.



I made soo many mistakes while lining because 1) I have no fabric scissors so I just cut the fabric like a mad woman, 2) The granny was a bit stretched so it’s a bit hard to make it tight. 3) The inner liner was kind of silky (but not a silk of course), and 4) I’m not a good hand sewer. It is not a neat liner but I don’t care. Hahahaha. Anyhow I like that the threads don’t show up like shown here.


So, anyway here it is goes. I definitely will make another (not promise to be soon). Cushion cover by local cotton yarn (small ply) size 40x40cm by Opat of HandsyCraftsy ๐Ÿ˜€



See you!




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