Newborn Set for Baby Nell


The company where I slave is welcoming a new family, a cute baby boy named Nell whom makes me want to have a baby. Luckily I now can crochet so I don’t need to think so hard what should I give to him. The problem is, I want to make something fast, like really fast! The idea of baby set already crossed my mind ever since my friend told me his wife’s due. Another friend suggested me a blanket buy no way, lol, I have no time for it. I don’t want to use local yarn because err… just because :p So I tried my first Red Heart Anne Geddes.


The baby hat is just a usual baby hat which only use HDC. I have a weak memory so I reminded myself again by following tutorial on Youtube >.< I was actually a bit scared to do hat because the diameter crown never works for me. This time, I allow myself to make “mistakes” with an excuse: The baby will get bigger so he can use it longer.

hat crown diameter

Now another problem: The shoes! I searched and searched and searched the pattern and tutorial. My first list is this, but thought it’s not working for me. I also tried this and this and this, but still uncomfortable. Finally I found a simple and very easy to follow pattern of Hayley Missingham, as you can see here.

sole shoes length

The results were okay. Not too satisfied to be honest because I think this is too bold and plain for baby. But I love the yarns, it’s very soft and easy to stitch. And although it’s quite pricey, it is very long that you want to have baby can make some hats more.

Here it goes the baby set!


I’ll see you later!



PS: Bonus Pic!

Ikebana show in Japan Cultural Center in the town….



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