A Novemberian Gift

Don’t laugh. I am a book blogger too. Told ya! Don’t laugh.

So there is a community called Blogger Buku Indonesia (Indonesian book bloggers) and we like to make an unofficial offline event too, one of it is “Novemberian Club“. Persons who have birthdays on November exchange the gifts. I actually don’t believe in somewhat called birthday but I still participate just for fun. We write our wishlist books and the secret giver will send them along with the riddles.

This supposed to be a secret until my target open it on her birthday but yea I don’t care hahaha. She doesn’t know this blog tho. I haven’t bought her wanted book, I probably just buy one book just because (lmao). But as we all know, nothing can beat personal handmade gift; special and limited.


I planned to make something colorful but no matter how much  I like poly cherry yarn, it would be challenging because 1). I still can’t do tapestry and 2). I don’t really like the time when I need to burn the yarn. Yes, burning, poly cherry can’t be fasten off by scissors. After searching some simple patterns in Pinterest, I learned this phone case pattern is simple and cute. Only 1sc-1dc in one stitch – skip,  adjust, and voila!


Well to be honest this should be an iphone 6 case but I made mistakes (AGAIN) and made it bigger. Small pouch it is. lol.


Look at the lovely simple grid made…


As you can see above, I use Tulip Etimo and I SUPER love it. Ergonomic hook is definitely a must-have item because it is very comfortable to use and most important, to avoid wrist injury. Talking about injuries, few months ago I think I injured my wrist because of wrong crochet position. I had gotten better after about a week. But now, it’s been about 3 weeks my right wrist in pain. Today I am going to see the doctor and hope everything just fine.

Catch you later!




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