Officially Injured

ROFL. As this is a crafting diary, I think I must write this post because this injury is part of my crafting life.

As a noob crafter, I am still trying to adjust my mood to crochet. I practically don’t crochet everyday, but when I am in the mood of crocheting, I rarely will stop until it finished. So when I am in the mood for it, I crochet anytime anywhere. Bus, kitchen, motorcycle, bedroom, office, everywhere. This inconsistent position (I think) lead me to the wrong position. I didn’t care much how my fingers should work as long as I do the stitches. And I was wrong.

As posted before, yesterday I went to neurologist to make sure check that my hands esp. my wrist just fine. Pardon my lame medical phrase, well basically I am fine. No fractures, no broken bones, so it’s just about the muscles and stuffs that is overused and inflamed. The doctor suggested me to have an injection but whoaaa it’s terrifying. HAHAHAHA. I asked if medicine and wrist-rest are okay (bandage might help), she said I could give a try for 1-2 weeks but if no progress should come back again. I sometimes don’t crochet in a week (or maybe just 1 or 2 rows in a day), but prohibiting thing I usually can do sucks. Man, it sucks!


So, yea, I am good. I just need to less use my right hand (bye washdishes!). I talked to my mom about this and she said: “Oh, young people! If you went to the doctor few weeks ago, it wouldn’t be a pain now!”

I’ll see you (hopefully) soon! Stay healthy, people!




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