Dallas Clayton Scarf

This post or any things belong are not associated with Dallas Clayton in any terms. More about Dallas Calyton, please see few of this very inspiring person on his Instagram account below:

After coloring. Which one are you today?

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I was planning to make a bag from my acrylic yarn. But it left me unsatisfied feeling whenever I started the stitches. I kept the yarn back to the stack then suddenly one day I really really really really wanted to crochet and I knew simple scarf would be fun. I know this particular yarn will be more lovable if knitted but I can’t knit (yet) *sad*. Anyhow I named it Dallas Clayton, just because.


Living in Jakarta, even the storm can’t make me wearing a warming scarf like this. My friend R is going to Harbin this Christmas holiday, I think it will warm and suit for her 🙂

Maybe you're the only one who knows what you want

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See ya!



Bonus Pic: MY PIC. LOL.

I had something twenty (a guess, maybe? :p) birthday last week. I was torn between yarns and books for my own present but finally bought this. te heh.




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