Kisses Slouchy Beanie… Wannabe

Baby set only need a few meters of Red Heart Anne Geddes. I planned to make a beanie, the choice is Kisses Slouchy Beanie pattern by Kristina Olson here. it looks very simple but still having some details. So I grabbed my Anne Geddes and tulip hook no. 8 and…

There was the mystery of 66 stitches in my row 6!

I swear I followed the pattern right. Fine I didn’t count my first 5 rows but I swear I (think) did it right. But row 6 should be 72 stitches and I really don’t know what happened. So whatever I just kept going and the beanie turned smaller than I expected *sigh*.


After few more rows, time to hdc2tog was coming and I kept frogging because I wrongly count my “new” stitches *sobs*. I managed it well finally…


It is not slouchy!


By this, I, Opat, condemn, that I failed to make slouchy beanie.

I  failed once on pompom. I made second but I got rid of it. So, anyway, my friend Rina kindly strike a pose for my slouchy beanie. Well, not bad :p


That’s all, folks!

Catch you later!




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