First Story with SCB

SCB stands for soft cotton big ply. A local cotton yarn that has big ply (of course), usually bright colors, soft, and “cool” (as in not warm). I think this is one of everyone here in Indonesia’s favorite local yarn. The colors are attractive and the price is quite cheap. 1 ball of yarn (approx. 100 gr) costs about IDR13,000 (about USD 1) in any online store. There is one online store (FB: here)) but I happened to visit the store directly. It’s just like a house with one room full of yarns, located in Cilebut, Bogor, West Java.

My plan is to make granny stripe blanket inspired by Attic24. To be honest I really wanna use wool/acrylic yarn but after some times thinking, I decided to use SCB for it. It’s very cheap (compare to local soft acrylic and cashmillon) and not warm, perfect for one who lives in tropical country, in my opinion.


My first attempt with SCB is kid’s hat/beanie. Again, the diameter base is quite tricky. So, if you use this yarn, I suggest you need to 1 inch lessen the diameter base. Mine was using “normal” size, but then I reduce the hat size by doing 2hdc2tog.


Second attempt is rainbow scarf for a friend’s daughter. I followed the pattern by Janette (click here). Basically it’s just hdc all along the project. I was a little bit frustrated by the yarn ends but after it was cut off and tassels there are, boy, I love it.


And finally, on 29th Dec 2016, it finally begun. My granny stripe blanket project. Of course I want it to be done soon but no, it won’t be done soon. I still need to buy more yarns and I want do it calm and slow.


I am writing this at the last day of the year. Which means this is exactly one year I’ve been learning to crochet. I am far from perfect. I made sooooooooooo many mistakes. But I am happy and I can’t wait for more pretty things made by me. I’ll see you guys next year, yea 😉

Much love,



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