Cushion Cover #2

It’s been a long time I am not visiting this. Deep inside I wanted to make pretty things but I was too tired and overwhelmed by every new things. But I know it’s just an excuse. No matter what I still should grab the yarn, do the stitch, rib here and there, and make something.

A long hiatus slackened down my stitching speed. I needed quite a long time just to make this small phone case. Later on I used this case for train/bus card while I was traveling at the beginning of this month.


I then decided to finish one of my WIP: cushion cover. I have made 8 granny squares months ago, I just need to make another to complete it. I did it while doing other things so it took me about a day to finish it.


Now the border is just another headache. I spent about 2 hours just to make one round border. But glad I finally finished the crocheting part.



This is using Cotton Bali yarn small ply. Inside lining is the scrap, outside is cotton with flowery pattern (vintage-ish is still a hit lol). I used the same technique and tutorial as previous work for the lining. I still didn’t use sewing machine. Boy! my back was aching for about two days because I sat and crouched on the floor for hours. But it is neater than before so I was pretty much satisfied.



Turned out the cushion cover is slightly bigger than before but it’s fine. I still love it.


Updates for another WIP:

  • I canceled my plan to make hundreds of coaster for my wedding gift. Yes you read the word “wedding” but no I have no plan for getting married, yet. I have no boyfriend and I am not with anybody 😀
  • I ribbed off my granny stripe blanket WIP. I am with another plan but it’s better not to mention here because I might change the plan (again)

That’s it for now.

I’ll catch you (hopefully) soon




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